Team Midwifery Services

The Team Midwifery Program (TMP) provides women with pregnancy care from the same or a small group of midwives for the duration of their pregnancy, labour, birth and where possible postnatal period.

Providing continuity of care improves outcomes for mothers and their babies and improves our patients’ experience at antenatal clinic appointments by reducing repetition of information. Additionally, the increase in time able to be spent on antenatal education instills confidence in our patients and their approach to their labour, birth and postnatal experience.

The TMP commenced at Osborne Park Hospital (OPH) in June 2018 to improve patient outcomes and the overall experience for our mothers and their babies through continuity of care. This model of care facilitates collaboration within the team and a close partnership between our midwives and mothers.

Women can refer themselves to the Team Midwifery Program once referred to the OPH Antenatal Clinic, or they can ask their GP for this option.

Last Updated: 10/10/2023