The majority of OPH outpatient services are provided within speciality areas across the site. Numerous supporting services are located within the hospital grounds including pharmacy and pathology collection services (Path West).

In Australia, overseas visitors, overseas students and patients who are not eligible for Medicare under their current VISA arrangements are required to pay for the cost of their health care. Please contact the Overseas Liaison Officer on (08) 6457 8709 or email OPH.PPLO@health.wa.gov.au to obtain information regarding fees for your appointment.


To be seen at OPH Outpatient Clinics, all patients need a referral from your GP or specialist. This provides written information including your details, history and information on what consultation or care you need. Patients may also be seen for continuing care after a hospital admission.

All referrals are reviewed by the speciality and assigned a priority based on the information provided, which drives when appointments are made.

For more information on your referral you can check acceptance and priority category using Manage My Care (external site). It may take up to a week after this has been sent to appear.

Manage my care logo Manage My Care

Manage My Care (external site) is a free mobile and web-based app where you can track public outpatient appointments and referrals for yourself or those in your care at times that are convenient for you.

Key features:

  • Easily see your outpatient appointments and referrals 24/7
  • Update your contact details (e.g. address, next of kin and phone numbers)
  • Access information about your appointment and hospital visit.

Manage My Care can be downloaded as a free app from the Apple Store or Google Play, or by visiting HealthyWA (external site).

Making an appointment

Most outpatients receive a letter in the mail detailing their appointment approximately a month before the appointment. If the appointment has changed or is scheduled in a shorter time frame, you may receive a phone call or text message from us. Please note: the phone call will be from a private number.

For information about your appointment you can use Manage My Care (external site) at any.

What to bring

It is recommended that patients bring to hospital, or have available for telephone or telehealth appointments:

  • Medicare card or healthcare card
  • a list of current medications (including creams, eye drops and over the counter medications)
  • If you do not have a current Medicare card please provide a copy of your passport, visa and health insurance details.

Your outpatient letter may also include specific instructions for the appointment.

Questions to ask

To help you make the right decisions about your health care, there are a number of useful questions you can consider asking at your appointment. These questions may help to guide you on what to ask to ensure you get the care that is right for you.

  1. Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure?
  2. What are the risks?
  3. Are their simpler, safer options?
  4. What happens if I don’t do anything?
  5. What are the costs?

More information is available on the Choosing Wisely Australia website (external site).

Changing an appointment

To request changes to your appointment, contact the number on the bottom of your appointment letter.

Changing contact details

All patients are able to update their contact details, or for registered carers/next of kin that of a patient you care for by calling (08) 6457 8900 or (08) 6457 8613.

It is important to keep your contact details including postal address and phone numbers up to date so we can contact you regarding your appointment.


Your clinician may determine your appointment can be conducted through telehealth or by telephone. Your appointment type and instructions will be included on your appointment letter and in Manage My Care.

Telehealth is a health appointment by videoconference, connecting you with your medical specialist, allied health professional or nurse. This can be at home, or at another hospital or health service closer to your home if appropriate.

If you prefer a telehealth or telephone appointment, you can ring the number on the bottom of your appointment letter to ask if your appointment can be conducted by telehealth or telephone. Or ask your clinician if you can be seen by this delivery method.

In Australia, overseas visitors, overseas students and patients who are not eligible for Medicare under their current VISA arrangements are required to pay for the cost of their health care. Please contact the Overseas Liaison Officer on (08) 6457 8709 or email OPH.PPLO@health.wa.gov.au to obtain information regarding fees for your appointment.

For more information on Telehealth, visit Healthy WA (external site).

Overseas patient fees

Hospital fees for patients who are not eligible for Medicare are set by the WA Department of Health. Overseas visitors and overseas students are required to pay for the cost of their care. More information about overseas patient fees.

Carers and families

Patients are welcome to bring a carer or family member with them to their appointment. If they would normally attend your appointments we would encourage you to ask them to be with you for telephone or telehealth appointments.

At the current time we ask that only one person accompany you to a face to face appointment to support safe physical distancing.

If you would like a carer or family member to be able to speak with us on your behalf, please ensure that their details are listed as next of kin. This can be updated by speaking to clerical staff at your appointment, using Manage My Care at any time or by contacting Outpatient Direct on 1300 855 275.

Listed next of kin are also able to view and manage your outpatient appointments through Manage My Care if you give them permission to do so.

Osborne Park Hospital Site Map


OPH Site MapClick on image for larger image.

Parking, public transport and bike racks

Osborne Park Hospital is only 10 km from Perth CBD and is easily accessible from the Mitchell Freeway via the Karrinyup Road exit.


Parking at Osborne Park Hospital is free with bays available at a range of locations around the site. See the Osborne Park Hospital Site Map (PDF) for car parks.

Public Transport

Public transport is a cost effective and efficient way to travel.

The Transperth ‘Journey Planner’ is easy to use and gives you a list of “personalised” public transport options that also includes walking distances. To use the planner visit www.transperth.wa.gov.au (external site) or call the Transperth Infoline on 13 62 13 for more assistance in planning your journey.

The 427 bus service travels from Warwick and Stirling Bus Stations and stops closest to the hospital in Osborne Place. Bus routes 423, 425 and 435 travel through the suburbs of Sorrento, Duncraig, Marmion, Warwick, North Beach, Trigg, Karrinyup and Stirling (see timetable Northern 62 for exact routes and times).

These services connect with trains at both Warwick and Stirling Stations and offer a service that stops along Karrinyup Road, a short walk to the hospital.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are located at B Block, H Block and F Block.

Specialties and services

Specialties and services available at Osborne Park Hospital Outpatients clinics include:

  • Aged Care
  • Anaesthetics
  • Antenatal Care
  • Day Hospital
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Diabetes
  • Endoscopy
  • Enuresis
  • Falls
  • General Practice
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Gynaecology
  • Memory
  • Mental Health
  • Newborn Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Parkinson’s
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Preadmission
  • Rehabilitation and Aged Care
  • Social Work
  • Speech Pathology
  • Surgical Services
  • Women’s and Newborn Services

Chaperone / Observers at your clinic appointment

Protecting the privacy and dignity of our patients is a key part of NMHS core values. All patients will be offered the presence of a chaperone for examinations that are intimate in nature. Please let us know your preferences, as someone’s understanding and expectations of intimate examinations can vary according to their background and beliefs.

Last Updated: 20/09/2023