Visiting us

Visiting times

Standard visitors can visit all areas during the following times:

  • 10am to 7pm (two at the bedside at any one time including any children)
  • patients encouraged to rest between 1pm and 3pm
  • Whilst children are allowed to visit it is strongly discouraged where alternatives are possible.

Everyone entering OPH Maternity will either need to show proof of a negative RAT undertaken on the day of arrival or have a RAT performed before entering.

Violence and aggression will not be tolerated. Please be kind to those who are caring for your loved ones – we are all in this together.


Essential Visitor

One Essential visitor is able to visit the hospital outside of standard visiting hours.

Essential Visitor criteria includes:

  • nominated labour support person (see Women and Newborn Health Service (Maternity) information below. 
  • nominated parent / guardian of an admitted child (including a neonate / start of life)
  • nominated guardian / carer for a patient living with a disability
  • an end-of life support person
  • one accompanying visitor into the emergency department
  • one essential visitor per patient in an unplanned emergency circumstance
  • designated guardian attending an outpatient, home or community-based appointment.

For Osborne Park General Hospital you will need pre-approval to visit, and this is obtained via your loved one’s Ward Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM) – but before contacting them, you need to make sure you are eligible for approval.

Approved Essential Visitors must discuss the preferred visiting times directly with the Ward CNM. The visiting times will vary.


Women and Newborn Health Service at Osborne Park (Maternity)

Your one Essential Visitor should be the same person for the duration of the patient stay. 

A maximum of two standard visitors and, if applicable, one Essential Visitor can visit a patient per day. There can only ever be up to two visitors at the bedside with a patient at all times.

Standard visitors can visit all areas during the following times:

  • 8am to 8pm (two at the bedside at any one time)

We realise there will be extenuating circumstances for some women and suggest that you speak with your care team if you are in doubt about your circumstances.


Mental Health Service

All visitors, both Essential and Standard Visitors, are required to undergo a RAT test prior to entry into all Mental Health Units and fulfil other requirements as outlined on the Graylands Hospital website (external site).

Standard Visitors can visit a patient at the times outlined above.

Essential visitors are able to visit the hospital outside of standard visiting hours but must contact the ward staff prior to their visit to verify their status as an Essential Visitor and to arrange the visitation time.

Essential Visitors include:

  • Carers or guardians who regularly attend to assist with health care needs.
  • Designated guardians must be the same person each day (If unable to attend, an alternative person can be approved by staff according to patient need).
  • End-of-life support person.
  • Mental Health Personal Support Person.
  • Someone nominated as an essential visitor.

For further details on the rules in place for visiting public mental health units, please see the guidelines as for Graylands Hospital website (external site).

Proof of vaccination

All visitors to hospital sites must be double-dose vaccinated (see below for vaccination exemptions).

Proof of vaccination is no longer required upon arrival at the entrance but you may at any time be asked by a hospital staff member to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status (external site), so please have it prepared and ready to show, either in a digital or paper-based form, along with approved identification in some cases.

Acceptable forms of evidence include:

  • Service WA (no identification required).
  • Express Plus Medicare App (no identification required).
  • Digital certificate (identification required).
  • Immunisation history statement – printed or digital (identification required).
  • Medical exemption – printed or digital (identification required).
  • Printed certificate – printed or digital (identification required).
  • International proof of vaccination (identification required).

Proof of vaccination exemptions

Visitors who have an exemption to receiving covid-19 vaccinations must provide evidence of their exemption. Acceptable forms of evidence include:

  • Service WA app.
  • COVID-19 digital certificate (shows medical exemption).
  • Your certificate stored in a smartphone’s wallet, along with an acceptable form of identification.
  • A hardcopy of your certificate, along with an acceptable form of identification.
  • A digital or hardcopy of your immunisation history statement, along with an acceptable form of identification.

All unvaccinated visitors will require an exemption approval to visit the hospital. You should contact the relevant ward or clinical area to discuss the process for applying for this exemption.


Everyone must wear a mask whilst being on site at a WA public Hospital. If you have a mask exemption, proof of this must be shown upon arrival and you may be required to undertake a RAT or provide proof of a negative PCR test taken within the past 24 hours.

Staff will provide you with a surgical mask upon arrival and this must be worn at all times.

When disposing of the mask at the end of your visit, please remember to break the cords and place it in the bin.

RAT Tests

For Patients

We encourage all outpatients to undergo a RAT at home prior to presentation at our hospitals.

Patients who present at our Emergency Departments and non-high risk areas of the hospital will only be tested if they have symptoms.

Patients attending our hospitals as follows will continue to be given a RAT or PCR:

  • symptomatic patients
  • all patients attending for Specialist Day Services at our day units if the day units are considered ‘high-risk’ (including Dialysis unit, IV Lounge, and Day Chemotherapy unit DD block) will require a RAT on presentation. From 29 August, no other outpatients will be RAT tested unless presenting with symptoms of COVID-19.
  • all patients will receive a RAT before transfer to other health facilities
  • all patients attending for elective surgery, a RAT will be given upon arrival (or the patient can provide evidence of a negative RAT result at home taken within 24 hours of arriving at the hospital) until 29 August. From 29 August a RAT will only be required if the patient is symptomatic. Symptomatic patients will be asked to RAT at home or upon presentation to the hospital.

For Visitors

Visitor who have symptoms are NOT allowed to enter the hospital, even if they have proof of a negative RAT, unless pre-approved for compassionate or end-of-life reasons.

Visitors to WA hospitals are not required to undergo a RAT prior to entry UNLESS they are visiting a high-risk area and/or a vulnerable patient cohort.

If you are visiting a high-risk area and/or a vulnerable patient cohort you must have a RAT on arrival or provide evidence of a negative RAT result at home taken within 24 hours of arriving at the hospital.

Screening questions

All visitors will be asked ‘screening questions’ at the entrance to determine their state of health; you will need to register via the Service WA app and answer a series of questions about your recent state of health and visits to any exposure sites.

These questions can be answered by scanning a QR code with your phone upon arrival at the hospital or filling out a paper questionnaire. If you would like to see the questions before you arrive, please contact the hospital before visiting.

Parking, public transport and bike racks

Osborne Park Hospital is only 10 km from Perth CBD and is easily accessible from the Mitchell Freeway via the Karrinyup Road exit.


Parking at Osborne Park Hospital is free with bays available at a range of locations around the site. See the Osborne Park Hospital Site Map (PDF) for car parks.

Public Transport

Public transport is a cost effective and efficient way to travel.

The Transperth ‘Journey Planner’ is easy to use and gives you a list of “personalised” public transport options that also includes walking distances. To use the planner visit (external site) or call the Transperth Infoline on 13 62 13 for more assistance in planning your journey.

The 427 bus service travels from Warwick and Stirling Bus Stations and stops closest to the hospital in Osborne Place. Bus routes 423, 425 and 435 travel through the suburbs of Sorrento, Duncraig, Marmion, Warwick, North Beach, Trigg, Karrinyup and Stirling (see timetable Northern 62 for exact routes and times).

These services connect with trains at both Warwick and Stirling Stations and offer a service that stops along Karrinyup Road, a short walk to the hospital.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are located at B Block, H Block and F Block.

Osborne Park Hospital Site Map


OPH Site MapClick on image for larger image.

Hospital amenities and facilities

Café and Shop

The Friends of Osborne Park Hospital Incorporated operates a kiosk in the entrance foyer of the Rehabilitation and Aged Care Unit in F Block, as well as ‘Café Osborne and Shop’, which is located in the hospital walkway between B and E Blocks, where dining and alfresco facilities are available. Drinks and snacks are also available from vending machines throughout the hospital.

Café Osborne

Hours: 09:00 to 14:00 Monday to Friday

Kiosk (F Block)

Closed until further notice.



The hospital does not have laundry facilities available on-site. Please ensure you make alternative arrangements for washing your clothes.



The hospital does not have the facilities to safeguard money or valuables. PLEASE DO NOT BRING large amounts of money or valuables. The hospital is not liable and does not accept responsibility for any loss of valuables during your stay with us.


No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside or outside the hospital. Staff can provide patients with advice to assist with quitting, as well as nicotine replacement therapy to manage cravings during the hospital stay. Do not hesitate to ask staff for more information.

Information about medical and general services available to patients admitted to Osborne Park Hospital is contained in our Patient Information Guide which is distributed to all patients for their reference during their stay.

Chaperone / Observers at your clinic appointment

Protecting the privacy and dignity of our patients is a key part of NMHS core values. All patients within SCGOPHCG will be offered the presence of a chaperone for examinations that are intimate in nature. Please let us know your preferences, as someone’s understanding and expectations of intimate examinations can vary according to their background and beliefs.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Hospital or outside on Medical Centre grounds.

Please note that some of our wards have a ‘no flowers’ policy. Please check with the individual ward before bringing flowers.

Last Updated: 25/08/2022