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Anaesthetic Technician

Join our anaesthetic technician team and part of a highly skilled and dedicated team of healthcare professionals that make a difference in the lives of patients each and every day.

We are currently seeking anaesthetic technicians to work across our general and specialised surgical areas in our state of the art operating theatres. Our anaesthetic technicians are at the heart of what we do and play pivotal roles within our organisation.

We offer flexible roster and leave arrangements, where possible. We also offer a number of incentives for people considering moving to Perth.

You can choose to be involved in additional services, such as being oncall for organ and tissue donations and recipients and other surgical services. We also offer a number of staff development opportunities.

We recognise that teamwork is essential and our anaesthetic technicians work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure that surgeries run smoothly and patients are comfortable. We support our anaesthetic technicians to be innovative and look for new and better ways to care for our patients.

If you're looking for a career that combines teamwork, innovation, care, respect, and integrity in a stunning city, then becoming an anaesthetic technician for our organisation could be the perfect fit for you.

Join our team and make a difference in the lives of patients every day

Last Updated: 29/09/2023