Freedom of Information (FOI)

Release of information

The Osborne Park Hospital Release of Information Department allows patients and other parties access to the medical records of people who have been treated at the hospital, subject to certain criteria.

The Release of Information Department may be contacted as follows for guidance on how to request patient information.


Requests for access are normally processed within 30 days of receipt.

Medical centres, general practitioners, and other hospitals who wish to access patient information should fax their request, along with patient consent, to the Release of Information Department.

Freedom of Information requests

The Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (external site) provides a general right of access to documents. Some documents are considered exempt under the Act and may not be released.

Patients and other parties may apply to access the medical records of Osborne Park Hospital patients under the Freedom of Information Act.

Applications made under the Freedom of Information Act should be made using an FOI request for information form (PDF).

Applications should be sent to the Freedom of Information Coordinator, along with a copy of your current photo identification to:


Postal Address:

Release of Information Office
Osborne Park Hospital
Osborne Place, STIRLING WA 6021

There is no charge for an application for personal information. Requests for non-personal information incur a fee of $30 plus administrative charges. Applications will be managed within 45 days unless otherwise negotiated.

Last Updated: 20/06/2024