Gynaecology Clinic (1 minute 48 seconds)

There is a weekly Gynaecology clinic on Tuesdays and a weekly Gynaecology theatre list on Thursdays. Clinic procedures include colposcopy, contraception advice, review of abnormal bleeding/chronic abdominal pain, mirena insertion and pessary insertion.

A GP referral letter is required for attendance at the Gynaecology clinic.



Gynaecology Clinic in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Arabic

妇科诊所虚拟之旅 Fùkē zhěnsuǒ xūnǐ zhī lǚ (Chinese)


Chuyến tham quan ảo phòng khám phụ khoa (Vietnamese)


Tur Virtual Klinik Ginekologi (Indonesian)


جولة افتراضية في عيادة أمراض النساء (Arabic)


Last Updated: 20/06/2024