Assessment Unit (2 minutes 20 seconds)

Contact the hospital if you are worried or experience any unexpected problems in your pregnancy. A midwife or doctor will check the health of you and your baby. After the assessment, you may be discharged home, stay overnight or admitted to the birth suite.

Please bring your Pregnancy Record with you.



Assessment Unit in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Arabic

孕产评估单位的虚拟参观 Yùn chǎn pínggū dānwèi de xūnǐ cānguān (Chinese)


Chuyến tham quan ảo của đơn vị đánh giá thai sản (Vietnamese)


Tur virtual unit penilaian maternitas (Indonesian)


جولة افتراضية لوحدة تقييم الأمومة (Arabic)


Last Updated: 22/11/2021