Antenatal Clinic (2 minutes 57 seconds)

The midwife or doctor providing your care will check the health of you and your baby and provide support and information about your pregnancy to help you make informed choices.

At your first appointment you will receive a Pregnancy Record - Please bring your Pregnancy Record with you when you see the midwife or doctor in the Antenatal Clinic.



Antenatal Clinic in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Arabic

虚拟访问产前诊所 - Xūnǐ fǎngwèn chǎn qián zhěnsuǒ (Chinese)


Khám phá phòng khám thai ảo (Vietnamese)


Tur Virtual Antenatal Clinic (Indonesian)


جولة افتراضية لعيادة ما قبل الولادة (Arabic)


Last Updated: 22/11/2021